Brad Banacka


My Daughter My ALL(2022)----------------Hubert
Beyond the Gates of Hell(2022)-----------Father Tom
Apex Predators II(2022)---------------------Dr. Williamson
Art2ficial(2022)---------------------------------Dr. Shelly
Night of the Clown-----------------------------Narrator
See ME(2020)----------------------------------Agent
Christopher's Choice(2020)_---------------Christopher
Angels Never Cry(2019)---------------------Papa
Directive (2018)--------------------------------Dr. Alonzo
Rearview (2018)-------------------------------Jefferson
Original Sin(2018)-----------------------------Joe
Attendance Required(2017)----------------Chef D
Man Of God (2017)---------------------------Pastor DeFrain
Hannah's Demons(2017)--------------------Dad
Midnight Wolves(2016)----------------------Serretto
Nothing but Hope(2015)---------------------Dad
The Product(2014)Short---------------------Tony
The Planted Plutonium(2013)--------------Yarborough
The First Impression(2013)-----------------Bob
The Shift(2013)--------------------------------Dr. Quinlan 
Pushing Up Daisies(2013)Short-----------Uncle Barry 
Counterpunch(2012)-------------------------Hospital Visitor 
Artificial(2012)Short---------------------------Dr. Shelly 
Lost Weekend(2012)Short------------------Rick Samson 
7238(2012)Short-------------------------------Big Boss

Bring Out Your Dead----------------------President Andrew
Live Feed------------------------------------John Hunde
Bubba-----------------------------------------911 Operator

Voice Over: 
The Shift(2012) ---------------------------------Dr. Quinlan 
Artificial(2012)-----------------------------------Dr. Shelly 

Hospital Industrial(2017)---------------------Patient
Dermaclear(2017) -----------------------------Self​
Baker Insurance(2014)-----------------------Construction Foreman
Bosch(2014) ------------------------------------Construction/Dad
Red Box(2014)----------------------------------Dad
Bostitch Power Tools(2013)-----------------Construction Foreman
The Volonians - The Divorce(2013)-------Dad 

Web Series:
Starting Over(2015)---------------------------Brian
Just Life(2014)----------------------------------Professor Ben
Beer Beer(2014)--------------------------------Tony​

Theater: (South Bend, Indiana)
You're A Good Man Charlie Brown-------Charlie Brown 
Music Man---------------------------------------Tommy 
Ten Little Indians-------------------------------Dr. Edward Armstrong 
45 Minutes From Broadway----------------Chris/Joe Cronin
 Li'l Abner------------------------------------------Evil Eye Fleagle 
Rounding Third----------------------------------Coach Don 
All My Sons--------------------------------------George Deever

Starting over(2014)-----------------------------Director/Editor/Writer/Producer 
The Shift(2012)----------------------------------Second 2nd Assistant Director 
Artificial(2012)------------------------------------Special Effects Makeup  

Ruskin Acting Studio---------------------------Miesner Study On going
Baron/Brown Studio----------------------------Miesner Study
Indiana University-------------------------------Theater Major
South Bend Civic Theater--------------------Acting

Janey F. (Casting Director) "Excellent! Great attitude, great energy. So much fun to work with. Brad was a joy to have in the audition room. If he keeps this up he's going to go far."
David D. (Casting Director) "You had a great and personable personality. I liked the way you used the audition space and your ability to play off the other actor. You seemed very comfortable and at ease in the audition."
Luis G. (Casting Director) "Great instincts and commitment. Switches were great- love how you didn't judge the character. Took the notes very well."

Ben Alagna (Feature Film and Commercial Director) "Brad is a refreshingly talented actor. Eager and ready to work, Brad is someone fantastic to work with, and a gem on set. I will definitely work with him again" 
Nicole J. (Casting Director) "It was a pleasure to have you audition. You put a really good mix of emotions into the audition and I feel it made the character come to life. You also took direction really well and I could see the difference in emotions between your performances. It really helped me get a feel for your emotional range."

Michelle E. (Casting Director)
It was a pleasure having you audition! Very great performance, you bounced off the other actor very well. Great reactions to what was being thrown at you. Thank you for auditioning for us. 

Micheal A. (Casting Director) You took direction very well and almost felt attune to both the character and the director's vision. You have the pastor quality. In addition, to being warm and down to Earth.​

Adrian T. (Camp Hope Director) "I truly value your upbeat personality and great energy throughout the audition. You committed to the role and your performance worked well with your scene partners during the audition. 

Laurel C. (Casting Director) It was such a pleasure to witness your art at our recent audition. We thought you had great vocal expressiveness and clarity of character’s intentions.
Niels D. (Casting Director)
Solid audition. Good look and accent. 
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